Sayed Qutubuddin Shah
2 min readSep 19, 2023


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Between Two Brothers”

A Real Story

Sometime in the distant past, I was going from my NADRA office Gambat to my neighborhood, Kandiaro, in Sindh, Pakistan, by transport. Close to me sat an obscure individual charmed in a cell discussion.

All through the excursion, his tone swayed among outrage and yells. His words penetrated through the air, addressing, “For what reason didn’t you get the main situation in your group? How did your more youthful sibling figure out how to do as such?” He kept, communicating his disappointment, “I contributed a similar measure of time, cash, and exertion in both of you, in any event, guaranteeing an equivalent adherence to clothing standards.”

At the point when he at long last found a break from his discussion, I marshaled the fortitude to inquire, “Regarded sir, may I ask about your relationship with the individual you were addressing?” He speedily answered, “They are my two children.”

Consciously, I wandered, “If it’s all the same to you, may I share my viewpoint? As such of contest between two siblings, one might regard himself as unsettled and possibly become angry towards his kin.”

I underlined that the innate characteristics of your children might vary. Assuming one succeeds in remembrance, it is possible that the other may succeed in an alternate domain of movement. This variety of qualities ought to be recognized and celebrated. It is not aim of reality, “Allah Pak” says in Holly Quran brothers are example of “two arms one right arm and other left arm of father”.

Father is mentor of children, not a problem creator.